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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Welcome to My Blog!

An unconventional law firm that provides you the care of a small firm, but the experience and knowledge of the national firms.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jonathan Young. I am the CEO/partner of Jonathan Young Law. When I began this firm, I wanted to create something different. With my years of practice and on the bench, I have seen some really great and some really bad attorneys. The best attorneys all had some great traits: they were very knowledgeable in the law, they were always highly prepared and research, they were very personable, they were very responsive to their clients and they were fearless in the courtroom. When creating my firm, those are the traits that I expect from myself as well as the affiliate attorneys who practice the building. We have proven experience both inside and out of the courtroom.

Our sole goal is to prepare the perfect legal document for you or in sum win your case. Every client of ours gets the best care and treatment regardless of how big or small your case is. I know that you have many options when it comes to who you chose to handle your case and I do not take any client for granted. Our goal is to treat you so well that you not only do you use us in the future should the need arise, but that you recommend us to your family and friends. Our motto is that "Your Case is Our Number One Priority" means that you matter to us and that you are never a case file or number. We spend the extra time and go the extra mile in getting to know you and your background to provide a legal service that best fits your needs and not just a pattern form on our computer.

I promise you that if you choose my firm to represent you, you will be hiring some of the best attorneys in the area, who are prepared to do battle for you in the courtroom or give you the best researched legal advice that they can provide. Once the representation is finished I hope you come to think of us as your friend or family.

Thanks for taking the time to read my initial blog. I will update from time to time with important information and changes in the law. Feel free to subscribe.

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